News: September 19, 2017

Fantasy Game Strategies opened last year, in July of 2016. It has been a very busy year for us. Not only have we published the Questing Heroes Role Playing Game, along with several rules supplements, one short quick-start adventure, and a couple of mini-setting products, we have also published a set of maps for our primary fantasy world, Suntarynn, and a preview of the World of Suntarynn Campaign Setting (for anyone who wishes to use Suntarynn for their Questing Heroes gaming sessions).

Most recently, we have launched our fiction department, which we hope to one day build into a beast of a publishing house. We have started small, though, with just three short stories set within the World of Suntarynn. These three stories begin to set the stage for Suntarynn, giving readers an idea of what is currently taking place within the world and where things might be going in the future. We hope to soon add to our library by publishing collections of poetry and character journals, as well as more short stories and, if the stars smile upon us, full novels.

Our customers and fans on Facebook and Twitter have been a big part of our success so far. We have thanked them several times, most recently by offering a sale on all of our products on sale through There will be more sales in the future, both in conjunction with DriveThru’s site sales and with milestone sales (as we did when we reached 50 Twitter followers and 100 Twitter followers).

In all, it has been a great year. We look forward to many more.

Matthew Ipock, owner, writer, and designer, Fantasy Game Strategies

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