Nonsense: Our Stock Numbers

We posted this on our Facebook page (and linked to our Twitter feed), but I just felt this morning like posting it here, in case anyone missed it in those two locations, and perhaps add a little more pleasantry into the thinking behind the system.

Here is what is posted on Facebook:

Have you ever wondered what FGS product stock numbers mean? Here is a great way to keep track of what our products are:
001*** = rules book and rules supplements
002*** = basic adventures
003*** = encounter settings
004*** = campaign settings
005*** = mini-settings
F-001*** = fiction – short stories
F-002*** = fiction – poetry
F-003*** = fiction – character journals

So, you’ll notice we went straight to using a six-digit system. Quite honestly, we did this out of ambition, if nothing else. Certainly, any publishing company must have a stock number system in order to keep track of products. At the time of the initial publishing of the Questing Heroes Role Playing Game, we already had an idea that we would need, to start with, five different subcategories of products: Rules books and supplements, basic adventures, encounter settings, mini-settings, and campaign settings. More than likely, we’ll be adding another subcategory at some point, that being Advanced Adventures. We’re not seeing this happening in the near future, but one day, I’m sure it will.

Will we ever have enough product subcategories to warrant using a 3-digit stock number to indicate the category? Very certainly not. I doubt we would ever get above twenty or thirty subcategories, if we ever even come close to that. Again, the decision was made to err on the side of ambition (and forward thinking, just in case).

That leaves the last three numbers, and using a 3-digit stock number to indicate that actual product is absolutely nothing more than bold ambition. There could be a very real possibility that we reach one hundred or more products in any particular subcategory. This could especially happen once we hire on freelancers and full-time writers. Will we ever run out of space for stock numbers? Will we ever reach one thousand products in any particular subcategory? That would just be overkill; of course not.

Then we launched our fiction department, with the publishing of our first three short stories. Now we needed a new set of stock numbers. And again, we felt it would be best to err on the side of ambition and forward thinking and continue to use a 6-digit stock number system for fiction products. Once we begin publishing full novels, we’ll add one or two more subcategories; I’m thinking we may wish to use a subcategory strictly for items published within Suntarynn and one for items published outside the World of Suntarynn.

Come to think of it, we may need to adjust our internal book keeping and change the current fiction numbering system to do just that, since all current projects take place within the Suntarynn. It is very possible that we will publish short stories and poetry that are set outside of Suntarynn.

Anyhow, that was the thought process behind our numbering system. After all of this took place, and looking back on it now, it is somewhat amazing how much thought must really go into creating business decisions to ensure easy growth in the future.

Matthew Ipock

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