We just wanted to give a little update on our fiction line. Originally, we had published the short story “Dawn of Transition”, and then shortly after that we published “Servant of Gildaerin”, with “Servant of Knowledge” still needing finishing and editing. We really were not sure how long it would be between each of the stories, which is why we published them separately. We managed to get it all completed a lot more quickly than expected. After having them up for a couple of weeks, there were no sales and, honestly, we were a bit relieved.

Sometimes, a company has to look at what they are doing and, perhaps, reorganize and rethink some things. This was one of those things. From Sages, Scholars and Storytellers was meant to be a book of short stories, poems, and character journals. The poems and character journals are taking too long to finish, however, and it would be way too long before we could publish the book. This is what drove our decision to split things up and publish things separately.

As it stands, From Sages, Scholars, and Storytellers: Short Stories Collection Vol. 1 is available on DriveThruFiction and will be available for Amazon Kindle in a couple of days. This will still be an ongoing series, as we have already stated, and our great hope and big ambition is to have the Poems Collection Vol. 1 and Character Journals Vol. 1 published in the near future. We will see if that happens; there are many projects in the works, and few hands to do that work right now.

Keep any eye out for everything, though. We are sure you’ll be pleasantly pleased.

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