Luke And Sara

Luke and Sara are two characters we came up with shortly after opening our Twitter account. We wanted a married couple who live their lives, day to day, but there is a horrible twist: Luke is involved in some horrific, creepy, and, sometimes, downright scary-as-heck stuff, and Sara is simply trying to get by without dying from fright or getting killed by one of the terrible, nightmarish monsters with which Luke is involved.

The names for the characters? Well, as much as we hate to admit it, they come from real life. The characters, not at all, only the names. Our lead writer, Matthew, is married and his wife has numerous cousins. It happens that one cousin is named Luke and one is named Sara. When trying to think up names for these two characters, those two names stood out and, voila, the two characters had their names. It’s kind of funny how it works out, though. It is actually kind of hard to imagine writing these little tiny horror stories using different names for the characters. It’s almost as if “Luke and Sara” were meant to have those names and it just would not do if they had different names.

All of these stories are extremely short, maybe a page or two long, at most. There have been several so far, and we’ve just added a new one. This was supposed to be for Halloween, but as is typical with the writing life, one cannot simply tell the creative juices when to flow. This story decided to bring itself to life the day AFTER Halloween…how ironic, right?

Anyhow, the new “Luke and Sara” story can be found on our Twitter feed, along with all the others.

Fantasy Game Strategies Twitter Feed

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