Nonsense: 1983 A Christmas Story

I honestly cannot remember the first time I watched A Christmas Story. I was born in late 1977, so I would have been almost six when the movie released. I would not have seen it then. I would guess I was between ages 14 and 18 when I first saw it, back when a certain video rental store dominated our movie-watching free time. I am not even sure if I liked the movie at first. I do know now, however, that it is one of my favorite holiday movies.

This could be because of the extreme fond memories the movie brings up as my time as a young adult. Throughout college and my early days working after graduating with my BA, there was at least one television channel that would run A Christmas Story non-stop for twenty-four hours during Christmas, starting at 8pm Christmas Eve and ending at 8pm Christmas day. This still takes place, though I believe it is a different station that runs the movie, and we don’t really get to watch it all that much now. My wife is not a real fan of the movie, for one thing. Aside from this, my family includes an eight-year-old, a five-year-old, and a soon-to-be three-year-old. My sister’s family includes twin seven-year-olds. While A Christmas Story really only holds a handful of scenes that could be questionable for these kids, at those ages, it really just wouldn’t hold their attention for any amount of time. Any one of the many holiday cartoons soon take control of the television as background noise to the family time and, well, that’s that.

Although it could be debated over which part of the movie holds the actual title, one of the more popular scenes of A Christmas Story is when Ralphie comes down the stairs in the pink bunny suit. It could be simply seeing a young boy dressed in a full-body pink bunny suit. It could be the description Ralphie gives as background for the audience to know why he has received the pink bunny suit as a present. I’m sure it is a nice mixture of the two. Whatever the real reason, the scene is absolutely, hysterically funny.

When we first started publishing Questing Heroes book in 2016, one of the first things we did was write out a list of books we wanted to write. Of course, holidays each year were at the top of the list. Fortunately, we made it through Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas of 2016, and Saint Patrick’s Day of 2017. We put together a Halloween supplement for 2017, but we have nothing for Thanksgiving this year and it remains to be seen whether we will have anything for Christmas 2017. There are numerous other supplements, adventures, and stories/novels that we hope to eventually write – some being much more important than others – and the list just keeps growing the more we write and create. Within this list of items, however, we have included a few dozen tribute items. I doubt any of these will turn into full supplements, unless we put many of them together into a Tribute Book later on down the way. There are, however, many new magical items, spells, and characters that we can create for Questing Heroes, all in honor of some of our favorite movies and books and stories.

That’s where the movie A Christmas Story comes into play (I bet you were wondering what the point of all of this was). Believe it or not, I don’t believe a Christmas Story was even on the list of tribute items for Questing Heroes…I don’t have the list right here in front of me at the moment. I happened to see last week, however, that November 18th was the anniversary of the movie’s release. Immediately, my mind jumped to “How can we honor this movie with Questing Heroes?”. After only a short time thinking about it, I knew we could find a way to work in the pink bunny suit.

AND WE DID! If you are interested in seeing how a pink bunny suit can be used in Questing Heroes – in any role playing game, really – then please check out our Patreon site. That is where we’ll be posting a lot of our new one-off magic items, spells, and characters. These things will most likely show up in books in the future, but Patrons get access to them now, as we create and post them. There are, currently, already several posts for Patrons to view and there will be many more coming.


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