The Suntarynn Calendar Year One

Well, this piece took us a little by surprise. We knew we wanted to publish a calendar for each year, so all of those keeping up with The World of Suntarynn, and especially those using Suntarynn as a base-world for their Questing Heroes or other games, but it has evolved in many different directions as it was created. It started out as a simple line-by-line for each month, then a line-by-line for months and weeks. Then it turned into a large-scale calendar with color codes that would help readers and gaming groups link up the World of Suntarynn with our real-world flow of time.

By the end, it turned into what we published – a week by week calendar that gave events by the day. We were even able to include art in this product, something we haven’t been able to do much of in our past products.

Something to keep in mind when purchasing and reading through the Suntarynn Calendar Year One: This will be an updating item. We realize that books that get updated every so often is probably not the most popular with fans, and we are really trying not to do a lot of it. We have the Campaign Setting Maps, which will be updated until the maps are, for the most part, complete and the whole world is mapped out. We only update when we finish a full page, however, so there are not many updates to worry about for that. We also have the Campaign Setting Preview. This gets updated simply as we are able to write material for a page or two of the maps; so, again, it is not a constant flow of updates. Still, it is annoying having to keep an eye out for that little notice we send out that something has been updated, and then to go and get the update.

There are good reasons for doing this, though, and we really hope you can continue to work with us and be patient, as you have so wonderfully done, because you are all such tremendous fans and customers. For the Maps and the Setting Preview, we were so very anxious and excited to get the material to you all that we felt the best way to do it would be to publish to material as we wrote and update as we went along. We don’t have a fancy website that can just hold all the maps and writings and such, so publishing the PDF’s was the next best option.

For the Calendar, the explanation is even simpler, and better. Three years of publishing, here in the real world, is going to equal one year within the World of Suntarynn. Yes, we understand that means it will take 15 years to get through 5 years of action, events, and change within Suntarynn. Yes, we have high hopes and high expectations for where we are going. Writing takes time; publishing takes time. Certainly not as long as it used to, but it still does take time, especially for a small company such as ours. To ensure that plenty of time was devoted to each year that passes in the fantasy realm, we felt three years was a nice number – not so short as to have to rush or publish stories and books that would be considered history almost immediately, and not so long that all of our writers would be old and feeble by the time a single year passed within Suntarynn.

Does this mean that, if you are using Suntarynn as your base-world for Questing Heroes, or another game system, that you have to wait for three years before you can move ahead. Absolutely not. Make Suntarynn yours! We always stress that you and your gaming group have fun. If that means that time in your Suntarynn moves differently than it does for us, then so be it. Have fun, and if you come up with anything really wonderful, send it to us at our submissions email, and it might end up in the Calendar.

But that is that. That’s why we have these products that we update sometimes. Again, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience it may cause for you and your groups. We just feel so passionate about our work that we cannot wait to get it to you. We work hard for you, because we are so very thankful for such great people.

Yours Truly, Matthew Ipock, Founder and Owner of Fantasy Game Strategies

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