My Christian Faith and Its Affect On My Writing, and A Special Writing Opportunity

How one grew up, where one grew up…who you are…all of this affects how you write. What you read, television shows and movies you watched, even music you listened to – all of this will have an impact on who you are as an adult and will, therefore, have an impact on what you write and how you write.

I am a Christian. It is not something I have talked about much on Facebook or Twitter, or anywhere else I place my writings. If the topic comes up, I do not shy away from it. I will answer questions about the Christian Faith, about what it is like being a Christian. I will talk about my faith in God. I am not ashamed of my faith in God, nor will I judge someone or take offense from someone who does not have faith in God. I simply do not bring it up myself much because I want to focus on what I am writing, not on me being a Christian. Sometimes, people tend to want to focus on who you are and what you think instead of what you are writing, especially in today’s atmosphere.

My faith in God, however, is certainly something that has an impact on how and what I write. I try not to make my writing too graphic, just in case those with sensitive minds might be reading what I write. There are some pieces that I have written that are a bit on the gross and horrific side, and I will never apologize for that. I might warn people about it before they read it, but I would not apologize for it. As I commented to someone just last week, no writer should ever feel the need to apologize for what they write. I try not to use gratuitous foul language in my writing – either in my fiction writing or when I am simply commenting on a social media post. I do not judge others if they chose to use a lot of language; I watch plenty of television and movies and read plenty of books with language included. It just is something I chose not to do. If certain words seem to be warranted from a character, then I would use them. And I would not apologize for it.

I thank God for my ability to write. My desire to write – my burning urge to write – started very early, roughly when I was around eleven or twelve years of age. I have, in some fashion, written all of my life since then. I have created stories and characters, I have created two fantasy worlds, and attempted to create many, many others. I have written about all of these creations. I graduated from college with a focus on creative writing – poetry, actually. For the past year and half, I have finally been able to start putting all of this experience to use, and I hope to continue to do so for a great many years to come.

One of the fantasy worlds I created, the first world, in fact, has not been shown to anyone else, as of yet. It will probably be several years before I actually am able to really make use of this fantasy world myself. Part of my writing this brief peek into my background, however, is to explain a little bit about this fantasy world and to offer a proposal to other writers.

This fantasy world, which I have called Allewynn, was designed with my Christian faith in mind. It is still a fantasy world, and the real world Christian religion really has little bearing on any religion within Allewynn. The world is designed with one Good deity, typically referred to as God or The Light, and one Evil deity, typically referred to as The Evil One. Though there are other planes or dimensions of existence, places where fairies, dragons, and monsters reside, there is a Heaven and Hell. There are Demons and Devils, which are minions of the Evil One, and there are angels of various types, which are minions of God.

Much of the history of the world revolves around the fight between God and the Evil One, a fight for power over Allewynn and its inhabitants. There may be many times where a battle, or numerous battles, are won by the Evil One and his followers. There are some major characters, extremely powerful characters, who follow the Evil One and do his bidding within¬†Allewynn. There have been times within the history of the world that seem as if Evil will take over and rule the inhabitants for good. In the end, however, Good will triumph and God will be the winner over his creation. That’s the plan, anyhow. I suppose that is yet to be seen. History of the world is not over – Allewynn is still alive and changes with any ideas I might have about the events currently taking place. The original design, though, is for the Evil One to finally be defeated and for God to give all of his creation a place in Heaven (should they choose to follow him, of course).

This brings us to the proposal I would like to make. As I said, it will probably be a few years before I get around to actually doing anything with Allewynn myself, if I really ever do so. My focus right now is on our game system, Questing Heroes, and the companion fantasy world, Suntarynn. I have a ton of information about Allewynn, much of it already typed or easily scanned and placed as a jpeg into a book.

If there are any Christian writers who might be interested in writing fantasy, perhaps something similar to C. S. Lewis or Tolkien, I would be happy to offer Allewynn up as a setting for your writings. I am very willing to work out the details on proper use, copyright, payment and all such topics, and I will be as fair and reasonable with any requests and/or demands as possible.

If you would be interested in this genre of writing, please go to our Submissions page. You will find all of the necessary contact information there.

Matthew Ipock

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