Lessons From The Classics: Introduction

by Matthew Ipock

We’ve all seen them – an old movie that, for some reason, we just can’t get out of our head. It becomes one of our favorites, we become obsessed with it. It is a classic. Sometimes, they’re considered Cult Classics. Either way, there is something about the movie that stands out. And, believe it or not, there are things we, as either gamers or wrtiers, can learn from those classics.

I wrote an article for an rpg email tips and blog around five years ago. At the time, I was hoping to make it a continual activity, hoping to be able to offer a new article at least once a month or so. The gentleman writing the tips, Johnn, had done a lot for me with his work on the email and with his personal encouragement to me for my gaming and writing, and I wanted to help him out in return.

Unfortunately, that just did not pan out the way I had hoped. It seems like things rarely pan out the way we had hoped, especially when it comes to writing. I certainly did not let that slow me down, however. I wrote a handful of other articles, giving the series a title, and making plans for future articles.

I called the series “Lessons From The Classics”. The idea was simple: I would look at classic movies – mostly fantasy and science fiction – and try to pull out things that can help all of us as role playing gamers to make our gaming sessions grow and develop into something better with each session.

That’s what you’ll find in each of the “Lessons From The Classics” articles that we will be posting to the blog, though the original intent was strictly for gaming and now we will be delving into both gaming and writing tips. The first article was based on the old fantasy classic The Princess Bride, and looks closely at several things:

1 – How humor can be used in gaming.

2 – Describing the action in our games to make them more interesting.

3 – How the game, and the character parties, need to cater to different abilities AND different motivations for those characters – not only to balance the game better, but to also allow different players to be the character they desire to be.

The length for that first article was somewhat limited, so, really, that article could be looked at as a “Part One”. The last few sections of the article are short, and I feel we can expand on the them and add a few more details, which is what we may do in a future blog post.

For now, though, please direct your attention to the Role Playing Tips website and the first and only article I wrote for Johnn: “Lessons From The Movies: The Princess Bride”.

Role Playing Tips – Lessons From The Movies: Princess Bride

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