Fantasy Game Strategies (FGS) is a role playing game company. We are, however, so much more than just role playing games. We publish novels, short stories, poetry, and design and produce all sorts of other games, as well. Lead writer and owner of the company, Matthew Ipock, has a BA in Creative Writing from Old Dominion University and over 20 years of experience in fantasy writing, fantasty world building, and fantasy game design.

Our principle game system, Questing Heroes, is designed to be extremely different from other role playing game systems, as it does not use levels or classes as a means of creating Player Characters. This allows a player to create the exact character they wish to create, designed both for combat-oriented games and for role playing oriented games.

Questing Heroes is set within a fantasy world called Suntarynn, a world that was almost destroyed by mortals-become-gods, and is now a flat plane floating in a void, held in place and kept running by the magics and energies of the Gods.

We launched our fiction department in September of 2017, starting with three short stories set within the world of Suntarynn. These stories, along with future stories and collections of poetry and character journals, will set the stage for running games with the World of Suntarynn.