Fantasy Game Strategies products are, for the most part, available at These products can be purchased and downloaded in PDF format.

There are several items available at, as well. These products will be shipped to you as a physical copy that you can hold, look at, and flip through to your heart’s content. (At the moment, FGS products are not listed under a publisher page on Amazon, so we will simply offer the list of available items below.)

Below, you can find a description of all of the products currently available.


DRAGON BOUNTY: KINGDOM BUILDER: This is the first board game we’ve produced and published. This is a print-and-play game that can be downloaded in PDF format and printed right on your own printer at home. The board design is very simple – there is no art and everything is in black and white, though we do provide some pieces in color as an option at the end. The design of the game itself is very similar to an old, popular board game in which property is bought and sold, and the winner is the player with the most money and assets at the end of the game. In Dragon Bounty: Kingdom Builder, however, the players create characters who move around the board and fight for the property. As usual, the player with the most property and assets at the end of the game wins.
Dragon Bounty: Kingdom Builder is found here, in PDF format, at DriveThruRPG: Dragon Bounty: Kingdom Builder Board Game


QUESTING HEROES ROLE PLAYING GAME SYSTEM: This is the first book FGS published and is currently (as of July 2016) the rock around which all of our role playing game materials are written. This game system is quite different than most other rpg’s on the market, as it does not make use of character classes or character levels to determine the power and ability of a player’s character. Players role play their character through life, heading off on adventures and gathering treasure. This treasure is used to train characters. It is this training that determines what a character can and cannot do.
The Questing Heroes Role Playing Game System rules book is found here, in PDF form, at DriveThruRPG: Questing Heroes RPG Rules Book, PDF
The Questing Heroes Role Playing Game System rules book is found here, in physical form, at Amazon: Questing Heroes RPG, Physical Book

SUNTARYNN CAMPAIGN SETTING PREVIEW: The World of Suntarynn is the fantasy world in which Questing Heroes is set. While Questing Heroes can certainly be played in some other setting, there are some things that will make much more sense if the game is played with the Suntarynn Campaign Setting. As it is noted in the product description, this body of work is currently (as of September 2017) a work in progress, as they say. The full book for the Suntarynn Campaign Setting is going to be set for sometime in the future, but it will take quite a while to get it ready for publishing. While we wait, we thought it would be a great idea to make Suntarynn available now, in the best possible way we could think. We have used real-world descriptions in many places, but have also tried to ensure we include as much of the “fantasy” flavor as possible.
The Suntarynn Campaign Setting Preview is available, at whatever price you would like to pay, at DriveThruRPG: Suntarynn Campaign Setting Preview, PDF

SUNTARYNN CAMPAIGN SETTING MAPS: A fantasy world would seem fairly incomplete if one did not have the maps to go along with written information about the world. This product is the companion to the Suntarynn Campaign Setting Preview; these maps will be included within the Suntarynn Campaign Setting book in the future. As it stands now, however, they are available separately, to allow anyone to purchase the maps and use them as a basis for their own campaign setting for their games. As with the Suntarynn Campaign Setting, the maps can be used with or without the Questing Heroes Role Playing Game System. We might suggest that it would be much more fun to use the maps with Questing Heroes, but, of course, it’s hard for us to be objective about that sort of thing.
The Suntarynn Campaign Setting Maps are available here, at DriveThruRPG: Suntarynn Campaign Setting Maps

WITCH OF BAREEN WOODS: This is a mini-adventure we created for the Questing Heroes Role Playing Game. This adventure acts as a quick-start guide and a walk-through for some of the basics of game play for Questing Heroes. It is a very short adventure, involving a handful of characters tracking down some goblins and saving two kidnapped children. On DriveThruRPG, the adventure is free. There is a cost on Amazon, but we’re making almost nothing on it; we priced it as low as Amazon would allow us (it is a bit on the expensive side for an actual print copy from Amazon because there is a color map inside).
Witch of Bareen Woods at DriveThruRPG: Witch of Bareen Woods Quick-Start Adventure, PDF
Witch of Bareen Woods at Amazon: Witch of Bareen Woods Quick-Start Adventure, Physical Book

THE GOBLIN SHOP: This is what we call an “encounter setting”. There is an encounter situation for the characters, but provides a setting around the encounter, as well, to allow the characters to explore the area and to provide the Game Master the opportunity to expand the encounter into a full adventure, if he or she wishes. At the time it was written, this encounter setting provided readers and gamers a first glimpse at the Suntarynn Campaign Setting. At that time, making any substantial Suntarynn materials available seemed like a far-in-the-future project.
The Goblin Shop at DriveThruRPG: The Goblin Shop, PDF
The Goblin Shop at Amazon: The Goblin Shop, Physical Book

QUESTING HEROES: FESTIVAL GROUNDS: This product is what we like to call a “mini-setting”. Mini-settings might be small, as the name suggests, but they could be large, as well. The idea of a mini-setting is that it is self-contained and can be used by itself, without worrying about a background campaign setting. Of course, some mini-settings might, in the future, be based within the World of Suntarynn, but with a few simple name changes, these could probably be dropped into almost any setting and it would work just fine.
The Festival Grounds presents a mini-setting that allows the GM to take the players through a full-blown festival. In this book, you will find game booths, food and drink booths, service booths, and booths where characters can be useful and needed equipment. Within the Festival, you will find a jousting run, an archery field, a fighting arena, as wel as rules for running each of these contests. You will also find a full description of a circus and numerous GMC’s with whom the characters can interact and, perhaps, work.
Questing Heroes Festival Grounds at DriveThruRPG: Festival Grounds, PDF
Questing Heroes Festival Grounds at Amazon: Festival Grounds, Physical Book

QUESTING HEROES: MONSTER SUPPLEMENT VOL. 1: When Questing Heroes was first published, we had several monsters that we wanted to include, but they just were not ready at the time. It took a bit of time, but we finally had these monsters ready for publishing. Thus was born the Monster Supplement Vol. 1. This book offers several groups of new monsters for use with Questing Heroes, including Genie-kin, Angels, Demons, and Elementals. There are also statstics for Griffons and Griffics (our version of a wingless griffon). Currently, this product is only available for PDF download at DriveThruRPG.
Questing Heroes Monster Supplement Vol. 1: Monster Supplement Vol. 1, PDF


FROM SAGES, SCHOLARS, AND STORYTELLERS: SHORT STORIES COLLECTION VOL. 1: This is a our very first piece of fiction published – the first in many, many more to come. This first collection  of short stories is small, only a little more than sixty pages, but it contains three stories set with the world of Suntarynn that give a perfect glimpse of what the future holds for the people there.

In Dawn of Transition, four old friends are called by King Emile Wittinkin to investigate rumors of weird occurances. They will find, however, that things are much more dangerous than they are led to believe.

In Servant of Gildaerin, a monk is called by his Mortal God to go into the world and do his bidding. Will Vicari find that Gildaerin’s intense hatred of Orcs is too much for his lifetime of training?

In Servant of Knowledge, a young man is called by a Mortal God to go into the world and gather the world’s wisdom and knowledge. Jarren has doubts, and must decide whether he can change his life or must pass on the opportunity for which he has always longed.

From Sages, Scholars, and Storytellers: Short Stories Collection Vol. 1 can be found at DriveThruFiction: From Sages, Scholars, and Storytellers: Short Story Collection Vol. 1