We are finally ready (we think) to start taking submissions from our wonderful fans. If you would like to write, design, or illustrate for Fantasy Game Strategies, please drop us an email and we’ll see if we can work something out with you. We’re making no promises for immediate wealth and riches, but we’re trying hard.

Specifically, we are hoping to find contributors and/or writers for the following items:

1 – Adventures for the Questing Heroes Role Playing Game

2 – Short stories and novels set within the Suntarynn Campaign Setting

3 – FlashFiction, Short stories, and Novels set within Thorne Rose, a fictional real-world town that is host to spookiness, creepiness, and horror. Thorne Rose is where our “Luke and Sara” Flashfiction stories take place.

SPECIAL PROJECT #1 – We’re seeking someone who can take our Questing Heroes rules and rewrite them to create a set of space-adventure rules. We do not currently have a name for this new game, but we can get you started with some basics – weapons, armors, and vehicle ideas.

Special Project #2 – If you are a Christian writer who is interested in writing within the fantasy genre, send us an email. We have a setting – an entire world, the World of Allewynn – which we would be happy to offer as a setting for your writing. We have a great deal of information to share about the world and we are willing to work out the details for proper use, copyright, and payment. We’ll be as fair and reasonable as possible.

As for illustrating, we have one project for which we are seeking specific art. We are looking for pencil/black and white sketch illustration for a book of slightly scary children’s poetry . Otherwise, we don’t really have anything in particular that we are looking for. Illustrations of any sort – for cover art or interior art – could be welcome. It really just depends on your style of artistry, what you think you might be able to contribute, and the amount of time we have, and you have, to put into a project at the time. If you are interested, email us and we’ll talk things over.