Thorne Rose

The (fictional) Town of Thorne Rose is situated in the Shenandoah Mountains of Virginia, in the United States, roughly ten to fifteen miles away from Staunton, Virginia. Much like Staunton, Thorne Rose is a modern town in the real world, with the typical architecture found in towns of the region and typical people living typical lives.

Yes, Thorne Rose is a typical modern (fictional) town in the mountains in every way – except one. Thorne Rose is home to creatures and events that take place in nightmares.

There are several series of stories to follow in Thorne Rose. Find them each here:

The Continuing, Chilling, and Eerie Tales of Luke and Sara

More Coming Soon!

3 thoughts on “Thorne Rose

  1. Thorn Rose exists, really? 😀
    I would love to see also something more exotic, Asian or African or south American…
    See you,


    1. Ah, I guess perhaps the way it was written, it might lead one to think that Thorne Rose is a real place. That will be fixed immediately. And sorry for the very long delay. I had not noticed that anyone had visited the site much, and so did not think to check the comments. There were no notifications that any comments had been made.

      As for writing on more exotic locales, perhaps in the future this might happen. For now, we’re going to stick with Thorne Rose, located in the mountains of Virginia. This is, after all, a place we know very well, while current knowledge of more exotic locations is almost non-existent, aside from what could be gleaned from research and reading in books and on the internet.

      Thanks for visiting, and thanks for the comment, and for pointing out our “misleading” sentence structure. Keep us honest!


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